What is #RadicalSelfLoveCollective for?

The hashtag #RadicalSelfLoveCollective has been created to connect all people who are fighting for their own wellbeing and want to get involved online.

There are public Twitter and Instagram accounts where @tagged and #RadicalSelfLoveCollective posts will be shared, a Pinterest board for collective pinning for everyone to share content, and a private Facebook group where you can share your own content if you are a writer or blogger.

The collective is a space where anyone can share blogs and posts, focused on self love, to a wider audience – for us all to benefit and support one another. It is also nurturing space to gain advice and resources from others.


Who is it for?

The hashtag is for rebels working on loving themselves – in a society that doesn’t normally back us – for us all to support each other in self-care and growth.

Our Facebook group is more focused towards writers, bloggers, service and support providers: wanting to share their content to support others (we can do that for you too).

If you do have a website, blog, online podcast or channel etc. and you feel like your content promotes self love – you can also contact us directly, to be included in our directory or media club.

And, whether you submit content, are listed in our directory, or use the hashtag; Please feel free to include our circular logo badge (displayed in this section) on your blog or website too. When adding the badge, please make sure to link it to this page at https://radicalselflovecollective.com/radicalselflovecollective/.

I look forward to you joining the collective and seeing what it is you do. You can find more about us on the menu above, as well as on ⚡︎ Facebook ⚡︎ Twitter ⚡︎ Instagram ⚡︎ Pinterest ⚡︎ YouTube ⚡︎ and Snapchat ⚡︎