Yesterday I did the most I have done since getting my diagnoses. My partner and I went on a mission, orchestrated by my pushy self, to eye up tropical fish paraphernalia and consume plant based treats. So today I feel like I was exhausted, before I was hit by a… View Post

These traditional style biscuits are vegan & free from refined sugar, gluten, diary & wheat* Going vegan happened fairly smoothly for me, but Tarron missed a traditional biscuit for coffee dipping; And I won’t have anyone saying going vegan has to mean missing out. I present my fave versitile biscuit.… View Post

The symptoms had remained the same all week. Coming and going in severity. Until April 1st when I found myself at work feeling that I could no longer stand up at all. My heart thudded, fluttered, stopped and started. I had a hive-like rash and felt too awful to eat,… View Post

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