Before I was diagnosed with POTS, I practiced meditation daily. Loving kindness, mindfulness and gratitude. But when I met my partner {Tarron}, and I slowly started to be able to do less and less, he watched me slide from being a life loving woman, to one that was uninterested in… View Post

Cupcakes that are vegan, refined sugar free, dairy free, gluten free, wheat free & delicious?* Yes! This cupcake recipe is made up of my absolute favourite flavours and won’t say clean eating to your face. Purrrrfect for a rainy day and wholesome enough to have without the frosting for breakfast.… View Post

vegan, refined sugar free, diary free, gluten free & wheat free golden milk* With energising ginger, to releive nausea, & tumeric to reduce pain and inflammation; This quick and simple latte soothes my tummy, head and muscles on a bad day, without having to stand to prepare a whole meal… View Post

This quick and nutritionally balanced meal is vegan, sugar free, diary free, gluten free, wheat free & soy free* Finding an large variety of meals that can be made with a minimum amount of standing time is a task! My POTS means sometimes I can not stand for longer than… View Post

My parents came in to the hospital over the weekend and fought for me. Telling another consultant what had been said to me the previous Friday, when I was admitted, and just how much rubbish it was. I felt that some doctors had made up their mind about me already.… View Post