vegan, refined sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, wheat free cookies* Indulgent chewy choc chunk cookies, all the nicer for having a clean and vegan twist. I hear that freshly baked cookies last up to a week in a tin – but I can’t get them them to any last… View Post

If you read all the ingredients on your food, & care about what you put in your mouth; Why is your vagina any different? Vaginas and anuses are the most absorbant parts of a body. But condoms aren’t regulated like food, and don’t have a detailed list of ingredients. There… View Post

So far my ‘physical therapy’ has included sitting up, standing up and gradually increasing normal everyday activities. Sitting in a chair with my feet on the floor whilst eating is exercise. Making a cup of tea is exercise. Standing still makes my heart feel like it’s rumbling off into the… View Post

One of the things recommended in the management of POTS is an increase in salt intake. This balance is different for everyone, but with my BP as low as it is – I notice an improvement with more salt. BUT smuggling salt into every meal and snack can be a… View Post

Before I was diagnosed with POTS, I practiced meditation daily. Loving kindness, mindfulness and gratitude. But when I met my partner {Tarron}, and I slowly started to be able to do less and less, he watched me slide from being a life loving woman, to one that was uninterested in… View Post