A year ago, I had an un-explained fever for over a week, was struggling to stand up at all and wondering if I was going to die. It was a confusing and heart-breaking time as I desperately tried to work out what was happening to me, before I lost everything… View Post

In the last year, I have had a full on battle going on with my health. The bottom has fallen off my life, and once again I have found myself re-building and re-assessing what it may be like from now on. I have lost many of the things that I… View Post

Vegan, refined sugar free, gluten free, diary free and wheat free brownie: suitable for desserts, snacks, or breakfast* My absolute favourites!! Sticky dark chocolate brownies (with health benefits) best served warm. One tray of these takes just 10 minutes to knock up in a blender and each brownie can be… View Post

Having made the positive step to ditch dairy, most of us will have then made the switch to another convenient pre-bottled vegan milk. But most store brought, plant based milks contain preservatives, emulsifiers, and colours or are super super healthy, cost up to £4 a litre and have the shelf… View Post

Self-advocacy has sent rumblings through the chronic illness community. An online search will repetitively spit back phases like “know your rights and responsibilities” and “make choices and decisions that improve your life and your care in the medical system”. But what does that mean in practice? And shouldn’t we all… View Post