The most radical form of love we can practice in a society that doesn’t back our feelings: This article was orginally published by Spoonie Viliage, for Valentines Day. A day I don’t celebrate and have made it perfectly clear why not. My partner has received the full speech but I… View Post

by Courtney Brady, Nourish The Free Life: Your childhood affects you but does not define you When I hit middle school I remember a consistent question I was asked “why are you so quiet?” or “why are you shy?”. In elementary school, life was mostly a happy blur. Elementary school… View Post

I would like to talk to you all about love and kindness, from a place of unhappiness. The ‘Metta-Bhavana’ (translated as ‘loving-kindness’), a type of meditation, is a staple of my personal practice. Because learning self-care, and – eventually – self-love, has been an ongoing fight for me. It wasn’t… View Post

by Haleigh Shipley, A Millennial Twenty Something: Sorry not sorry. Someone else’s opinion of me is none of my business. I’ve learned that the only opinion that matters, and that has the ability to dictate my life, is my own. I am my biggest cheerleader and advocate. I am the… View Post

Most single’s have been hit with the two pronged ‘Are you seeing anyone?, Don’t worry, you’ll find someone’ taser at social occasions. Sometimes it’s difficult to say; “For the first time, I am seeing myself”. In recovery, stopping vandalizing ourselves can be just the beginning. When I stopped harming and… View Post