It’s Not All Beautiful Buddha Bowls

Yesterday I did the most I have done since getting my diagnoses.

My partner and I went on a mission, orchestrated by my pushy self, to eye up tropical fish paraphernalia and consume plant based treats.

So today I feel like I was exhausted, before I was hit by a truck. Struggling with light and sounds. Resting, eating well and trying to play monopoly with my partner.

This is what the battle looks like sometimes.

It’s not all Yoga and beautiful Buddha bowls. 

Sometimes it’s crying with exhaustion and struggling to engage in board games, programmes or conversations – all the time worrying that you’re just boring and smelly anyway.

Today I was reminded, in spite of the fatigue and pain, that what I did yesterday I thought I would never do.

And that I have someone here to remind me of that, even on the shit days.

Please remember: on an uphill climb, skidding is inevitable; But that doesn’t mean you have any less strength or perseverance.


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  1. March 31, 2018 / 12:29 pm

    Yes! Great point. Sometimes people forget that what we post online isn’t the whole picture. It’s usually done on our better days and takes much effort and energy from our short supplies. Glad you had such a lovely day and that you have good support too. It makes all the difference!

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